Directed by Jon Favreau, this is the reveal trailer for Destiny, the next game from developer Bungie (Halo) and publisher Activision (Call of Duty) . Look development for characters and vehicles using Vray, Mari, and Mudbox. A few weeks were spent creating the characters. Shot production began around halfway through the production schedule. Once again using the scripting tools of DDs proprietary Atomic. This show required alot of work in regards to the number of characters/vehicles in a shot, which all required individual passes for gun flashes and explosions, as well as splitting up for compositing mid, back, and foreground elements. One of my moon shots had 37 render layers! I also had the opportunity to do a few dynamic FX, such as creating falling shields for evaporated bad guys.

Tools: Maya, Vray, Atomic, Mari, Mudbox, Nuke, UVLayout

Digital Domain 2013