Nissan "Commute" 

It is no secret that the car commercials that you see on television are greatly different from their original photography. This spot was no exception. The city scape this car is shot inside contains a lot of CGI buildings. Some of my first tasks for this show included look developing 3 "hero" buildings, which you see throughout the spot. This is a 4k show, and a lot of the tracks were done early on, and eventually came a time when all the tracks needed to be redone. I stepped up to the plate and dusted off my tacking shoes (after about 3 years!) and completed about 5 shots. After I created the camera and object tracks (including one go pro shot…always difficult), I set up a nuke projection for the final product shot of the car. The wheel was slightly rotated and needed to be moved into a straight position. In shot lighting, I carried through the look of established renders and saw them through to completion. This invloved a variety of generalist tasks, including lighting, texturing, projections, animating, modeling. One of my shots was fully CG, and that required extra set dressing and art direction. A small background asset is a construction/traffic signal that includes animated signal lights! Its the small things that bring it all together. Lastly the client wanted to modify the city even more, so we created freeways full of cgi traffic. The cars in the background exit ramps were set up to animate on a curve and follow the road. All is a few weeks work! 

Tools: Maya, Vray, Atomic, Nuke, UVLayout, PFTrack

Digital Domain 2013