From the very beginning of this project we knew we  had a great challenge on our hands. Speedtree was a valuable tool for creating the extensive jungle environment our creature and human characters would be battling in. I relied on Zbrush  for modeling and texturing and Vray for look development. I was given concept art from the game developer and from that I created some of the photorealistic assets seen in this trailer. 

Keeping efficiency was a key element to this production. Jungle scenes alone can be very demanding computationally. With the creatures and characters included, we had to be very smart with how the scenes were managed. To achieve the desired look, most elements were lit separately. This was also crucial to delivering this show on a tight schedule. 

Tools: Maya, Zbrush, Speedtree, Vray, Topogun, UV Layout, Atomic, Nuke

Digital Domain 2014